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Tag: flood


At the City Council meeting on March 25, Council received an update from senior city staff on preparedness in the event of flooding this spring:

  • Pre-flood preparations are underway with a communication plan being developed. Public messaging has begun and community outreach plans are being developed
  • The City is receiving regular updates from Conservation Authorities and the Ottawa River Regulation Board
  • Current snowpack conditions are normal to lower than normal for this time of year
  • Principle reservoirs have capacity to manage spring runoff
  • There’s a slight rise in water flows due to the slow and ongoing melt
  • The two-week outlook on the weather forecast is favourable
  • The City has a current inventory ready for use:
  • Over 200,000 filled sandbags
  • 387,000 unfilled sandbags
  • 21,000 tons of reclaimed sand from 2019 flood event